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We know we are living through difficult and uncertain times at the moment. Wentworth’s priority is to ensure the safety and well-being of our tenants during this pandemic.

Having a secure home now is more important than ever.

We want to make sure that you can sustain your home. Continuing to pay your rent is a really important step in keeping your home.

We want to assure you that Wentworth won’t be increasing your rent due to COVID-19.

For our social housing tenants, we will not include additional payments made by the Government in response to the Coronavirus. These include the one-off Economic Support payments of $750 and the temporary Coronavirus Supplement payment of $550 per fortnight. 
We are also NOT passing on our usual March CPI increase. This means you will have more money in your household budget to meet expenses during this time.

What if I lose my job, or have my work hours cut back?

If you are in hardship due to COVID-19 and you or someone in your household has lost your job or had your work hours reduced, please let us know so we can reduce your rent. We will make sure that you are not paying more rent than you need to. Due to COVID-19 we have streamlined our processes, so call us on 4777 8000 and let us know as soon as your work situation changes, and we will let you know how we can help.

What if I am having difficulties paying my rent?

If you are having difficulty paying your rent, please talk to your Client Service Officer as soon as possible. They will work with you to see if we can find a solution. We want to help you avoid owing money for rent.

2019 CPI rent increase

Some tenants haven’t had their 2019 CPI increase calculated into their rent due to a current backlog. If you fall into that group, this means we will increase your rent a little bit once we have made the adjustment. Most of our tenants have already had this adjustment made to their rent so we need to be fair to everyone.

Stay safe and protect yourself and your family during this pandemic.


We know we are living through difficult and uncertain times at the moment. Wentworth’s priority is to ensure the safety and well-being of our tenants during this pandemic.

Having a secure home now is more important than ever.

We want to make sure that you can sustain your home. Continuing to pay your rent is a really important step in keeping your home.

We want to assure you that Wentworth won’t be increasing your rent due to COVID-19.

We will not include additional payments made by the Government in response to the Coronavirus. These include the one-off Economic Support payments of $750 and the temporary Coronavirus Supplement payment of $550 per fortnight.

This means you will have more money in your household budget to meet expenses during this time.

However, your rent may increase if there is a change to your household income, for example someone moves in, someone has started working or Centrelink payments have changed. You will still need to advise Wentworth and fill in an Application for a Rental Subsidy Form.

What if I lose my job, or have my work hours cut back?

If you are in hardship due to COVID-19 and you or someone in your household has lost your job or had your work hours reduced, please let us know as soon as possible so we can reassess your rent. We will make sure that you are not paying more rent than you need to. Due to COVID-19 we have streamlined our processes, so call us on 4777 8000 and let us know as soon as your work situation changes, and we will let you know how we can help.

As a temporary and compassionate measure, we will be assessing your rent based on 30% of your household income. This reduction in rent will be applied for a 13-week period. After the 13-week period we can discuss the possibility of extending this arrangement. This decision will be based on individual circumstances and any updated Federal Government responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

If the rent reassessment coincides with the end of a fixed term agreement, we will have a discussion with you about this.

What if I am having difficulties paying my rent?

If you are having difficulty paying your rent, please talk to your Client Service Officer as soon as possible. They will work with you to see if we can find a solution. We want to help you avoid owing money for rent.

Stay safe and protect yourself and your family during this pandemic.


As you know, there has been a global outbreak of a coronavirus disease, with a growing number of COVID-19 cases in Australia. Wentworth has been monitoring developments daily and working out what this means for our services to you.

We are taking action to protect our tenants, staff and organisation. We are committed to providing you with services through these difficult times.

All offices closed as of Thursday 26 March

Even though our offices are closed, we are still working and you can phone us on 4777 8000 between 8:30am and 4:00pm or email us on admin@wentworth.org.au

All Wentworth staff will still be contactable during business hours via email or phone and we are here to respond to your needs.

All non-essential Client Service Visits suspended

As well as closing our office, all non-essential face to face meetings or visits will not be undertaken until further notice. This includes all property inspections and tenant engagement events, including Tenant Advisory Group meetings.

Repairs and Maintenance

We will continue to respond to emergency maintenance calls. Common area cleaning and lawns servicing will continue as normal including any other compliance related maintenance. All other repairs have been put on hold until further notice.

While toilet paper has been in short supply recently please don’t flush tissues, serviettes, baby wipes or paper towels into the toilets. These items don’t break down as well as toilet paper and will block drains.

All our contractors have put in place safe work practices for any emergency work they may do at your home.

I’m no longer working, what should I do?

If you are a social housing tenant and your income has gone down (either because of a loss of work due to COVID19 or for any other reason) you can request a review of your rent.

In order to review the rent we charge, you will need to provide us with proof of your new income.  This may include:

·         proof of the reduction in income i.e. a variation of payslips or a letter from your employer confirming reduced hours

·         proof of no longer working i.e. separation certificate

·         details of the new income i.e. a Centrelink statement

You’ll also need to complete a rent review form so that we can recalculate your rent. Contact us on 4777 8000 and we will get a form to you.

The Federal Government has announced that additional short term financial assistance will be provided to people on low incomes . It will be available shortly. You can go to www.pm.gov.au/media/supporting-australian-workers-and-business for further information. If you are eligible for this extra money it won’t be used as part of the calculation of your rent.

Tips from NSW Health

There are steps you can take to protect yourself and those around you from spreading the virus:

Advice on how to take care of your own health

The NSW Health website remains the best place for the most up to date information on COVID-19 and this can be accessed at www.health.nsw.gov.au/Infectious/diseases/Pages/coronavirus.aspx

Working through this together

This is a challenging time for everyone. 

We know that things are changing fast and we will stay in contact with you either through a SMS, email and letters. We will be publishing regular updates on our website: www.wentworth.org.au and on our Facebook page @WentworthCommunityHousing, so please follow us so you can stay connected during this time.

Please do not hesitate to contact your CSO or our Contact Centre on 4777 8000 or admin@wentworth.org.au, if you have any questions.

Thank you for your understanding. Stay safe and protect yourself during the outbreak of this disease. We look forward to working through this together.


Small change, big return - Garden Flat Seminar 7 November

A small investment in your property could provide a guaranteed return –all in your own backyard!

Wentworth Community Housing has come together with local experts and businesses to present the Garden Flat Seminar.

If you already have a Garden Flat or thinking of building one, this seminar is for you.

Discover how easy and affordable it is to create housing opportunities that help you, and our community!

Click here to register.


Report finds chronic housing shortages in Western Sydney

Wentworth Community Housing and Western Sydney Community Forum have launched the Home in Western Sydney report to highlight the alarming levels of housing stress experienced in the region. The report draws together key new and existing data sets that show that Western Sydney has higher levels of housing stress compared to Greater Sydney and a chronic undersupply of social and affordable housing.

The report was launched at an event at Western Sydney University on 23rd April, 2019 with well-respected speakers across the housing and community services industry.

Key findings from the report include:

“We know from our work in Western Sydney that secure, appropriate and affordable housing can turn lives around. Governments and communities need to work together to reinvigorate our social housing system in NSW and significantly increase the supply of affordable housing. We have a moral responsibility to ensure that everyone has a home,” Said Stephen McIntyre, CEO of Wentworth Community Housing.

Read the Home in Western Sydney Report.


Housing and support help turn lives around: Heading Home evaluation 

During this year’s Homelessness Week, multi-awarded Heading Home project, led by Wentworth Community Housing, launched today an independent evaluation of the impact its activities have had in the Nepean district and on the lives of people rehoused during Registry Week.  The report brings information on remaining challenges and points to local housing solutions.

As a result of Registry Week, held in November 2016, 26 people and nine families were rehoused in Penrith, the Blue Mountains and Hawkesbury. This is in addition to existing housing and supporting services in the area.  At follow up after six months, the study found 24 people and eight families remained housed and over 92% reported improved wellbeing.

Once housed, 71% of people had more support to call on in time of a crisis and 50% had started using a new health or community service. 

“The people who participated in the study said that having a safe place to live has been most helpful for them to get their life sorted,” Wentworth Chief Executive Officer, Stephen McIntyre, said.  

At a community level, the report shows that the people in the Nepean region, including influencers such as MPs, Councillors, community, and business leaders are now more informed about local homelessness.

On the challenging side, the report revealed a shortage of affordable local rental properties for permanent housing.

“The main focus of our project group now is to find local low-cost housing solutions, especially for people looking for a smaller place to live that they can afford.”

 “We want to build on the strong community momentum achieved to tackle the shortage of affordable permanent housing.”

At the launch of the report, Wentworth will also announce plans for a Garden Flat EXPO to encourage local home owners to invest in garden flats. 

“We think this is a win-win, where homeowners can secure a regular income and local people seeking a smaller home can stay in our communities.”

The launch was held at the Blue Mountains Theatre and Community Hub in Springwood. Trish Doyle MP, Member for Blue Mountains; Susan Templeman MP, Federal Member for Macquarie; Blue Mountains Cr Don McGregor; Hawkesbury City Council Deputy Mayor Cr Barry Calvert; and Mayor of Hawkesbury, Marry Lyons-Buckett, were present at the event.

Read the Heading Home Project Evaluation Final Report


We are moving our Katoomba office to a better space in a more central location 


We’re relocating our Katoomba office on 1 February to level 2, 98 Bathurst Road. Situated in the centre of town, on the top level of the Upper Mountains Medical Centre, the new office is a better space and it will enable us to provide a higher level of service to our clients.

The new location is across the road from Katoomba railway station, a short walk from the bus stop, and it also has parking. 

We’re excited that we’ll be sharing our office space with Flourish Australia. Flourish Australia is a renowned mental health provider that has enabled thousands of people to fully participate within a diverse and inclusive community.

Our main phone number, email and postal addresses will remain the same. We’ll be open from 8.30am to 4.30pm, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday as usual. The office will be closed on Wednesdays, and you can reach us on (02) 4777 8000 from 1pm.

We hope you will find the new location more welcoming and an improved experience the moment you step through the door.

Our current Katoomba office will close at 4.30pm on Tuesday 30 January.



Wentworth’s ‘Our Place Our Gathering Space’ to improve community connections

Vacant land surrounded by Wentworth Community Housing social housing properties in Cranebrook has been transformed into a welcoming outdoor space for local residents, their friends and families to meet, and was launched yesterday as ‘Our Place Our Gathering Space’.
Featuring high quality and durable materials, ‘Our Place Our Gathering Space’ was conceived after community consultation, also becoming a place where local organisations can deliver services and run activities.

Wentworth Chief Executive Officer, Stephen McIntyre, said the project is an example of a successful partnership between the community, government and private sector. “This project was funded under the NSW Government’s Social Housing Community Improvement Fund (SHCIF), and the land was provided by the NSW Government. We also had wonderful partnerships with local businesses in order to deliver this to the Cranebrook community.

“The wellbeing of tenants is at the forefront of the initiative and I’m proud of what has been achieved. The number of families that joined us for the official opening is testament to the strong relationships Wentworth has with our tenants and the communities in which we service,” Mr McIntyre said.
At the launch, State Member for Penrith, the Hon Stuart Ayres MP, praised Wentworth for bringing ideas like this to Western Sydney. “Wentworth is a very proud Penrith based organisation. I consider the work they do across the social and community housing space to be an exemplar for other community housing providers across the state”, Mr Ayres said.

The Mayor of Penrith, Councillor John Thain has congratulated Wentworth Community Housing on the initiative. “This inviting outdoor space will provide opportunities for people to connect and kids to play in a safe environment. It will be a space owned by the community and one that they can be proud of”,  Mr Stoneham said.

‘Our Place Our Gathering Space’ was developed through partnerships with the NSW Government and private businesses, in addition to Wentworth capital. These included:

•    New South Wales Government – project funding and provision of land.
•    Power Up – lighting supply, installation and connections.
•    BG Ent.¬ – plumbing, supply and installation of water connection.
•    Dapple Design – landscape concept design
•    Sydney Landscape Management Services – landscape work

The official launch was followed by a mural unveiling, conceived by Western Sydney community artist, Danielle RG, and family fun activities.



New data shows concerning cost to health system of people experiencing homelessness


Monday, 14h November 2016 - Homelessness across Penrith, the Blue Mountains and Hawkesbury cost the health system almost $250,000 over the last six months, the Heading Home - Ending Homelessness Here project has found as part of its registry week that took place from 1-3 November.

The project, led by Wentworth Community Housing in partnership with Platform Youth Services, Mission Australia (Kingswood) and supported by the Mercy Foundation, surveyed 78 individuals and families. It found that of the 66 individuals surveyed, 63 had one or more interactions with emergency departments, ambulance transport and hospitalisation over that time.

Wentworth Community Housing Chief Executive Officer, Stephen McIntyre, said the survey findings which are being released at community briefings across the three LGAs showed not only the significant social and health challenges of homelessness, but the economic cost to the community. “The cost of $250,000 to the health system over the last six months, relates to the people we surveyed. If we also take into account the people we found but couldn’t survey, this cost will be significantly greater.

“Community collaboration on housing solutions and support for people experiencing homelessness will reduce this financial burden on the health system, and most importantly be successful in ending homelessness in our region.  As research from The University of Queensland shows, the cost to government of homelessness is greater than the cost of providing permanent supportive housing, and ending homelessness,” said Mr McIntyre.

“A concerning finding from the survey is that over a third of individuals experiencing homelessness in our community have serious medical conditions, combined with mental health, and drug and alcohol issues.

 “The Heading Home project has identified the challenges facing people experiencing homelessness, and now we will be calling on the broader community, from business owners to community service providers to help us find solutions. In particular we will be working towards a Housing First solution, with wrap-around support services for those who need it.”

Heading Home enlisted 75 community and staff volunteers to find, talk to and survey people experiencing homelessness in over 70 locations across the region including cars, parks, riverbanks, grandstands, drop-in centres, train stations, refuges, stairwells, carparks and bushland.

The specialist survey tool called a Service Prioritisation Decision Assistance Tool (VI-SPDAT) assessed the needs of individuals and families experiencing homelessness and identified which people are the highest priority.

Key VI-SPDAT findings:

Wentworth's 20th Anniversary

Wentworth Community Housing celebrated its 20th anniversary at Penrith RSL last week, with the Member for Penrith the Hon Stuart Ayres MP, tenants, partners and community representatives.

In addressing the 20th anniversary gathering, CEO, Stephen McIntyre reflected on Wentworth’s deep connection to the community. “Wentworth takes great pride in its depth of relationship with local communities, and the strength of its partnerships.

“It is these special connections and the services we provide that makes Wentworth unique. We are one of a handful of organisations in New South Wales who provide specialist homelessness services in addition to social and affordable housing. This means we are actively involved in providing a full range of services, across the spectrum of housing need.”

Chairperson Keith Bryant cuts the cake with tenant Sonya Phillips.

Member for Penrith the Hon. Stuart Ayres MP makes a pledge to Heading Home.

Wentworth CEO Stephen McIntyre.

Guests at Wentworth's 20th Anniversary Celebrations.

Official Opening - Rouse Hill Affordable Housing Units


Wentworth’s keystone affordable housing project to address rental pressure in The Hills District

Unused land which long sat vacant alongside the Rouse Hill Town Centre in The Hills Shire has been renewed and transformed into affordable housing for about 50 residents with the opening today of Wentworth Community Housing’s apartments.

A first for Wentworth Community Housing in The Hills Shire, the 28 unit property which provides rents to occupants up to 75 per cent the local market rate is nearing full occupancy, and houses tenants who are employed across a wide range of sectors including retail, financial and community services.

Wentworth Chief Executive Officer, Stephen McIntyre, said the Rouse Hill affordable housing apartments will ease rental pressure on tenants and provide much-needed affordable accommodation close to shopping, community services and transport. “The abundance of applications received from prospective tenants highlights the need for affordable housing in The Hills District where rents are approximately 30-60 per cent higher than the adjacent Blacktown LGA.

“Increasing the supply of affordable housing for those who need it and providing strong community connections are key aspects of our work. This is why in addition to the affordability of the housing and its location, it’s important the design of the apartments promote resident interaction and community engagement. Achieving these three elements has been central to making Rouse Hill a flagship affordable housing project for Wentworth,” said Mr McIntyre.

The Rouse Hill project has been a collaboration between Wentworth and the New South Wales and Commonwealth Governments with the following  contributions -

Federal Member for Mitchell, the Hon Alex Hawke MP, said collaborative efforts between governments, the community and private sectors are key to helping solve issues of affordable housing supply. “It’s a key priority for the Commonwealth Government to improve access to suitable social and affordable housing.  I am pleased this successful collaboration led by Wentworth has taken place in the electorate of Mitchell, with long-term social and economic benefits for our community.”

The State Member for Castle Hill, Ray Williams MP, said Wentworth’s affordable housing apartments are in-line with what the New South Wales Government is trying to achieve in the supply of modern affordable housing. “The New South Wales Government is committed to housing solutions for people struggling in the housing market, including those who need support through affordable housing. In addition, it’s pleasing that through our voluntary planning agreement with Lend Lease we were able to supply an excellent piece of land in close proximity to key services and transport for this important development.”

Media enquiries: Melissa Grah-Mcintosh 0439 790 491

Ray Williams, NSW State Member for Castle Hill and Yvonne Keane, Hills Shire Coucil Mayor with Stephen McIntyre, Wentworth Chief Executive Officer.

Federal Member for Mitchell, The Hon Alex Hawke MP with tenant Anne Fulford.

National Foyer Conference

Wentworth Community Housing and it's partner Platform Youth Services were proud to sponsor the National Foyer Conference held in Sydney last week. Youth Foyers provide integrated learning and accommodation for young people experiencing homelessness. This enables them to develop the skills to lead fulfilling and independent lives. Wentworth and Platform are working together with strategic advisor, Brotherhood of St Laurence,  with the aim of establishing a Youth Foyer in Western Sydney.

Media Release - National Policy Essential to Fix Broken Housing System

Keith Bryant, Chairman of leading community organisation and housing provider, Wentworth Community Housing, has called on Federal and State Governments to address the increasingly urgent need for a national housing policy to ensure we have the right mix of housing to meet the needs of our growing population.

Wentworth has asked that governments rethink the reliance they have on “market forces” as the solution to Australia’s housing mix and shortage. At the same time, it questioned the current process that puts too much emphasis on councils and developers to meet the increasing demand and urged governments to set clear policy objectives and measurable outcomes.

Speaking at the Wentworth Community Housing AGM Mr Bryant said, “The housing market as it currently exists is broken. We have seen dramatic reductions in home ownership for the under 35s. There is also an alarming increase in the number of households paying more than 50% of their incomes to cover rent or mortgages.”

“Despite some good support from the NSW Government to address the issues of affordable and social housing the reality is that house and land prices in major cities are rising faster than the increases in wages. A recent Housing Industry Association Report shows a 50% increase in Sydney house prices since 2012.”

“Wentworth sees firsthand the effect of the significant undersupply of housing that is affordable to thousands of families – and by affordable we mean renting as much as buying. If the supply and pricing issues are not addressed as a matter of urgency, we expect to see more and more families pushed to the margins at a great cost to our communities.”

“Not getting housing right for those who are less well-off flows on to Australia’s health and welfare systems. With housing now reaching 8-9 times average annual incomes, there is a growing gap in our communities.

“Escalating housing prices flow all the way down the line as people who want to buy stay in the rental market, allowing landlords to keep rents high; locking out people on low-incomes. All they want ls secure accommodation at a price they can afford.”

“Dealing daily with the increasing demand for social housing Wentworth is at the coalface for all the issues that arise. We need to develop a more realistic approach to the creation of affordable housing, encourage appropriately priced land releases and lower the costs in the private rental sector.”

“We recognise there is not a “one hat fits all” solution. However, a comprehensive national housing policy would go a long way to solving some of these issues.”

His comments were echoed by Mr Scott Langford, Chairman of PowerHousing Australia. Mr Langford was in Cranebrook as the guest speaker at Wentworth’s AGM.

Mr Langford commented that "community housing providers such as Wentworth have a significant role to play in delivering housing outcomes working in partnership with the private sector and government. However, a cohesive strategy from all levels of government that commits policy and funding initiatives over the long term is the essential. We need to build a national housing policy that can, and should be, the backbone of our economy and the foundation of an Australian society."


Stephen McIntyre Appointed Wentworth Community Housing CEO

On behalf of the Board of Wentworth Community Housing, I would like to announce the appointment of Mr Stephen McIntyre as our new CEO.

Given Stephen’s substantial background in senior roles in government policy and infrastructure the Board is delighted that it was able to secure such a strong candidate to fill Nick Sabel’s shoes. The Board is delighted that Stephen will be joining Wentworth and believes he has the right qualities to lead Wentworth into a new era. Stephen brings directly relevant experience as a Deputy Director-General at the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure and as an Executive Director at Housing NSW, along with board sub-committee experience with Yarra Community Housing. The Board also believes he has the personal qualities and vision to ensure that Wentworth continues grow and benefit from the dynamic development occurring in the affordable and social housing sectors in NSW and Australia.

Stephen will be inheriting an organisation that is in very good shape and has been performing well. If Wentworth is to continue to grow, the organisation has to deal with significant and complex changes across all of its services. The continuous drive by governments to reduce homelessness, provide more appropriate support services and improve the supply of affordable and social housing creates opportunities that will see Wentworth continue to improve the services it can offer local communities in Western and North Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains.

On behalf of the Board and staff of Wentworth I would like to congratulate and thank Mr Nick Sabel for his successful tenure over the past 17 years as the CEO. Nick’s stewardship has seen Wentworth grow from 4 staff and 200 houses to an organisation that employs more than 60 people and manages over 2,000 properties.

On the way he has shepherded the organisation through major changes and seen it develop a strong collaborative relationship across the region. Nick hands over the fourth largest Tier 1 Community Housing Provider in NSW that is in robust shape and ready to continue to play an integral role in providing innovative housing and services for those in need. The Board thanks him for his leadership and wishes him the very best for the future.

Keith Bryant

Chair - Wentworth Community Housing


Red Cow Supports Wentworth Community Housing

On Friday 12 June, Mr Mario Falcone and Mr Vince Falcone, Directors of the Red Cow presented CEO Nick Sabel with a cheque for $50,000 to support Wentworth’s work to end homelessness in our community.

The special event was hosted by the Red Cow, Penrith’s iconic hotel and featured canapés and a selection of local draught, wines and non-alcoholic beverages showcasing The Red Cow’s Fat Cow kitchen.

The Red Cow is an active local business leader in the Penrith community and proud to support local community initiatives and solutions to local problems.

Councillor Greg Davies of Penrith City Council welcomed guests including Board Members Brodie Druett and Cameron  Lamb, Councillor John Thain and guests from West Connect domestic violence service, Platform youth service, FaCS representatives and Council staff. Councillor Davies outlined the growing problem of homelessness in our community. Council actively brings together community organisations and leading local business such as the Red Cow to end homelessness.

CEO Nick Sabel puts it plainly “homelessness is simply unacceptable in a country like Australia.”

Yet since November last year our services have assisted almost 500 people who were homeless or at risk of homelessness  – that’s in just over 7 months. Other specialist homelessness services in the area report similarly high levels of demand.

This generous donation will make a real difference. We will be able to provide

A highlight of the event was Wentworth Support Worker Matt Mills in conversation with David and Alan Van Der Baan. David and Alan became homeless last year and spent 2 months living under the bridge at Windsor. Special thanks go to David and Alan for sharing their journey from homelessness to home. It was great to see how life can turn around – starting with a safe home.

We’re looking forward to staying in touch with the Red Cow team - Tony, Vince and Group Manager Operations Nicko Ivanov about how these funds are being put to work and the difference it is making in peoples lives. Thankyou to the Red Cow!

Wentworth's CEO

After 17 years as CEO, Nick Sabel will be leaving Wentworth Community Housing. This has not been an easy decision, however Nick feels it is time for another individual to bring a fresh perspective to the leadership of Wentworth as it moves into the next phase. 

Under Nick’s leadership, Wentworth has become one of the largest community housing organisations in NSW with over 2000 properties under management. We are a registered Tier 1 Community Housing Provider, the highest category attainable, within the National Regulatory System. We have ventured into property development for both affordable and social housing tenants with 150 new units underway in Penrith, St Mary’s, Springwood and Rouse Hill. We have established award winning collaborative programs to address homelessness in our region and are leading or playing a major support role in four programs under the State Government’s Going Home Staying Home reforms.  Much credit for these achievements goes to Nick. His sustained leadership, vision and commitment have guided Wentworth through these many milestones.

Wentworth has commenced recruitment for Nick’s successor. Nick will remain in his role until a new CEO is appointed to ensure a smooth transition for Wentworth and the team. 

Wentworth Recieves Registration as a Tier 1 Community Housing Provider

We are pleased to announce that Wentworth has been registered as a Tier 1 Community Housing Provider in the new National Regulatory System for Community Housing.

Click here for more information about the National Regulatory System.

NSW Swimming Pool Act changes

The NSW Land and Housing Corporation (NSW LAHC) has amended its policy to state that swimming pools, including inflatable or portable pools, are no longer approved in properties owned by NSW LAHC. The one exception is “above ground permanent swimming pools” approved by NSW LAHC in exceptional circumstances.

From 29 October 2013 all NSW swimming pools must be registered. For more information, or to register swimming pools free of charge, visit www.swimmingpoolregister.nsw.gov.au.

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