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Adult Homelessness Service

Are you homeless or worried about losing your home?

At Wentworth Community Housing, we understand how quickly life can spin out of control. Living on the streets or in your car is never the solution.

Things happen and somehow you find you don’t have a place to call home.

So, if you are single or a couple with no children and are homeless or could become homeless we can assist you with transitional accommodation and the necessary support services to get you back into a permanent home.

How we can help

Wentworth Community Housing is a not-for-profit organisation with many years experience in assisting people who are homeless or are at risk of having no place to call home. We are practical in our support.

If you are already homeless then we can:

If you are not yet homeless but at risk of losing your residence we can also help you by:

Regardless of your housing situation we will also introduce you to local and specialist services who can provide you with additional support e.g. employment, counselling, financial assistance, physical and mental health, alcohol and other drugs and relationship issues.

Who we can help

We can work with single adults or couples without dependant children who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. You also need to live within the Local Government Areas of Penrith, Blue Mountains, or Hawkesbury.

However, if you have children, are a young person or are escaping domestic violence we can put you in touch with the right service to support you.

We do not work alone

Wentworth Community Housing is part of the Nepean Blue Mountains District Specialist Homelessness Services.

We partner and work with:

We have the right people and services to assist you to get back on your feet and have your own place.

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